Palmdale Automotive works to get engines roaring again after fire

PALMDALE, Calif. -- There’s a hot streak at Palmdale Automotive and it’s not the good kind.

Owner Mark Hicks is working day and night to get his shop back up and running after a fire was started inside just after 4 a.m. on Sept. 2.

“I guess the building was in flames. Somebody had broken the rear door and set fire inside the shop. They’re calling it arson. We’re cleaning up a big mess,” said Hicks.

A big mess is an understatement. Eight cars were inside the shop when the fire broke out, which destroyed some of the vehicles and affected businesses. Hicks bought Palmdale Automotive in January after working at the shop for three years.

“I can’t do anything. My customers are put on hold. Cars were on fire. I’m losing money every day,” said Hicks.

Now, he questions if this was a random attack.

“Previous to that, on Fourth of July weekend, we had arson in the back. One customer’s car was caught on fire. I don’t know if they’re retaliating because we ran them off,” said Hicks.

Hicks hopes to get the shop open again within the next couple of weeks along with new security measures, including more video cameras. 

Anyone with any information about this fire or the people behind it, is asked to call the Palmdale Sheriff’s Station. 

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