NC woman creates spray aimed to attract Bigfoot

MCDOWELL COUNTY, N.C. -- If you're an avid bigfoot hunter, or even an amateur interested in going out to look for the creature, you might want some Bigfoot juice.

A woman in Mcdowell County, known for bigfoot sightings has created the spray aimed at deterring bugs and attracting bigfoot.

Her husband is part of the 50-member group, Bigfoot 911 which aims at recording sightings and gathering evidence.

"When he was going out on one of their hunts, he decided he needed something that had a little more of a manly smell so we decided to sit down together and we formulated a little more of a musky smell in efforts to attract a Bigfoot and deter some bugs,” said Webb.

The bottle costs seven dollars and including witch hazel, distilled water and a top secret essential oil mix