Lincolnton PD responds to receiving 1-star Facebook ratings after posting drug arrest mugshots

LINCOLNTON -- The Lincolnton Police Department is sounding off on Facebook after they received a barrage of low-rated reviews on Facebook. 

The police department typically posts mugshots on the social media network. Facebook users seemed to have taken to the department's official Facebook page to give them one-star reviews after seeing a mugshot post in particular of a man that was charged after having marijuana valued at $200. 

The police department did not want to comment on our story. The department disabled the ratings feature on its Facebook page. 


After this, ratings have started to pour in. While most were negative, many have defended the police department as well.

On Thursday, with its Facebook rating reaching 1.9 out of 5, the department issued a statement reading in part, "If you are PRO-CRIMINAL or PRO-CRIME we will accept your one star review as a pat on the back for doing a good job."


At the time of publishing, the Lincolton PD's rating had moved from a 1.9 to a 2.4 out of 5 on Facebook.