Walsh's primary night success makes Syracuse mayoral race 3-way battle

Heading into Tuesday's election, Reform and Upstate Jobs party candidate Ben Walsh asked Independence Party voters to put him down as a write-in in their primary.

But, the Independence Party-backed candidate was Laura Lavine.

"We do have a candidate who is characterizing himself as the independent candidate, which is a little bit misinforming and confusing to people," Lavine said. "So my job is to make sure that the members of the Independence Party know that their party chose me as their endorsed designated candidate."

Now that the unofficial results are in, it appears the 'write-ins' have it with nearly 69 percent of the vote to her 31 percent. Spectrum News checked in with the board of elections, but it doesn't have the results of who the 'write-ins' are for just yet.

"We're still waiting for the official announcement, but we were confident we prevailed there, as well as throughout the campaign. We've been building momentum," Walsh said.

Lavine says she's pressing forward on the Republican line.

A total of 253 ballots were cast.


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