Tell us Your News.

Soon after we began cablecasting in 1999, Spectrum News discovered that many of our best story ideas came from viewer feedback.

We'd like to take that a step further and ask you, our viewers, what stories you think we should tell. These "Your News" stories are not breaking news tips, but big picture stories you think we have missed.

Your News may also be the little stories about your community, neighborhood, workplace, group or acquaintances that are all too easy for the media to overlook. Your News may be about changes in your community, for better or for worse, you are just beginning to perceive.

Or Your News may also be stories that answer the questions: "How did we get here," "where is this leading us," "whatever happened to," or even "I was just wondering."

By sharing Your News with us, our journalists gain the opportunity to see the trees in spite of the forest because each viewer brings a different perspective to the Central Texas community we live in. So, tell us about Your News.