Foundation Communities Volunteer Helps Austinites Get Financially Fit

AUSTIN, Texas -- Jewel Arrington has been volunteering with Austin-based nonprofit Foundation Communities for nearly a decade.

Arrington serves as a financial coach, meeting one-on-one with community members to develop a plan to reduce their debt, help them save for the future and improve their credit.

"There are so many things, so many needs in the world, and it sometimes feels overwhelming. We can't address them all and all we can do I feel is take a tiny step and do a little something," said Arrington.     

Another "little something" she does is train other volunteers how to prepare and file taxes.

It's a free service Foundation Communities' Community Tax Centers provide for over 20,000 low-income locals every year.

"People are always appreciative because taxes usually weigh on people.  They know they need to get them done.  To find a resource is really a relief for a lot of people," said Arrington.

As if financial coaching and tax prep don't keep her busy enough, Arrington also serves on Foundation Communities' board of directors.

Those who see her in action say Arrington believes wholeheartedly in the nonprofit's mission  to empower families on their path to a stronger financial future.

"You can't solve all their problems, but you can make them feel encouraged and make them feel like there is a way to solve the problems," she said.       

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