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Heat Backs Off This Weekend, Rain Moves In

After temps of 100-103 (feeling like 107-110) Friday afternoon, relief arrives this weekend thanks to a weak cold front.  You can see the front with some rain moving through North Texas on the image above.

Right now:

After a very warm night with lows in the upper 70s, it'll be about 10 degrees cooler Saturday and Sunday with highs in the low 90s.  Despite the front, it's the extra clouds and rain in the area that will be mostly responsible for the cooler feel.

We expect scattered showers and storms to move in around midday Saturday (50%), then it's more of an afternoon rain chance Sunday (50%) as the front stalls in our area.  In fact, rain chances continue Monday (50%) and Tuesday (30%).

Our model suggests some potential downpours that may amount to more than an inch or more this weekend...

Meanwhile, NOAA's 5-day rain outlook is a little more conservative with average rain totals of 0.5" to 1.25" for our area.

Check out our 7 Day Forecast for more details on a cooler weather pattern.


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Enduring The Heat...  South-Central Texas continues to see new residents, some from parts of the country that don't normally see the heat felt here.  They would appreciate knowing safety tips like if they're working or playing outdoors to take frequent breaks. Heat exhaustion or, worse, heat stroke, will sometimes arrive with little or no working.  

Children, the elderly, and pets all need to be cared for a little more in this weather.  Remember, if it's hot enough for you it's hot, maybe hotter, for them.  All too often we hear/read about people and pets left in cars.  So, a good safety tip here is that if you have a child riding in the back of a vehicle that you place something else back there that you'll need when you arrive.  Look before you lock!   Heat claims more lives every year than any other type of weather phenomenon.